Sunday, 22 April 2012

So I made another watch.. :]

Hello everybody. Sorry I have been somewhat absent for a few days, but I have been busy being lazy and drinking too much tea. Oh and going to craft fairs with that loopy sis of mine. But but but, I finally got a craft table! This means I don't have to keep crafting on wooden floors, sprawled out, resulting in a numb b-t-m. (That means bottom/backside for all you normal folk!) So, I sorted it out, all my wee drawers and shelves. This made me such a happy bunny. Oh how times have changed. I was almost single after the table was finally put up though. WHY OH WHY CAN MEN NOT READ INSTRUCTIONS!? But it is okay. I love my boyfriend again, and vice versa, bla bla, sitting in a tree.

But yes, I made another watch. This is my favourite one to date. I have never made one like this before, so it took a bit of trial and error. I love the outcome. Its so sparkly!!

As you can see I have used a silver watch face, and attached loads of swarovski crystals. I have used blue, turquoise and clear beads. Oh and sorry for using the boyfriends wrist, its all hairy and tattooed. (Eww) But it was the only wrist available!

Oh so sparkly!

Close uppppp!

His tattoos are a bit green, although I think it suits him. :P

Oh and take pity on my finger, I sliced it open with scissors. Ouchie!!

So there it is, another watch. Hope you all like it. Oh and thanks to Maddy for buying me some beautiful beads at the craft fair on Thursday, they helped make this wee purdy creation. Have a nice day everyone! :D 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thanks to you, and to you... Oh and to you!

Hello lovely people! Thank you for all the sweet comments. Also a big thank you to all my new followers. I knew that ole sister of mine would be of some use! This is really just a quick blog to say thank you. And I've decided that I'm going to live in my room from now on and sit on this blog 24/7 for everyone on it is much nicer than a lot of people I know. Oh god, I'm rambling like Lee. Save meee. But yes, more creations to follow! Night all. Xo

Sunday, 15 April 2012

A set of earrings, watch and bracelet

So, Mothers Day was a few months ago and I decided to try and make my wee mummy something that she would actually wear. She is a classy woman so I thought I better be careful with my bead colour choices. I stuck to plain colours, nothing too bright. Black beads, pearl beads and a lovely lilac colour. I also used silver spacers. This was the result.

This is the bracelet. I used a stiff silver coloured wire, and as you can see I have two rows that are connected.

These are the dangly earrings.

And lastly, this is the watch. Apologise for only showing you half but I am currently fixing the other side as it was too big for her wrist, but the other side is an exact match to what you can see.

So there is my set for my wee mummy. She aboslutely loves it, and is going on at me here to fix the other side of her watch, so off I go. Thanks for looking! :)

My Angel Keyring

My aunty was having a bit of a bad day so I decided to make her something. She has an obsession with angels, (yes she is a looney toon like the rest of my family), so I made her an angel keyring for her car keys. It was my first attempt so its a bit amateurish, but I'm proud that I managed to make it from scratch. Plus she loves it. :D

Hope you do too!

My Pretty Skulls

Good afternoon blogging people.

 This is just a wee quick post to show you what I have been making today. I love skull beads and decided to be a tad creative and make some of them into earrings, accompanied by other pretty beads, and bead caps.

As you can see I used small wings to create a kitsch effect. I also made another variety of earrings shown below.

I also made more skull creations and attached them to tiny lobster claw clasps. I attach these to things such as my handbag, purse or keys.

Hope you like them. :)