Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thanks to you, and to you... Oh and to you!

Hello lovely people! Thank you for all the sweet comments. Also a big thank you to all my new followers. I knew that ole sister of mine would be of some use! This is really just a quick blog to say thank you. And I've decided that I'm going to live in my room from now on and sit on this blog 24/7 for everyone on it is much nicer than a lot of people I know. Oh god, I'm rambling like Lee. Save meee. But yes, more creations to follow! Night all. Xo


  1. HEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I don't ramble!!! Ok there may be a few people that would beg to differ. Don't stay locked in your room for too long......we are going to the craft fair tomorrow! Aren't you excited? Bet you you are now that you are a.........CRAFTER???? Heehee. Aren't bloggers awesome? Such a lovely group of ladies. Hey and less of the ole sister you wee runt! Yes I called you a were we used to tell you anyway, haahaa. Lee x

  2. LOL! That really did make me laugh out loud and I spilt my mouthful of tea :-) Don't worry, we can all be good aul ramblegerries together (there, didn't know I knew any Ulster Scots did ya? ha ha) Hope you got some good beads yesterday, love Maddy x

  3. lovely blog tara.
    hope my blog is of some use to you - but if you start looping the loop like that sister of yours.........
    Kathleen Mc xx