Sunday, 22 April 2012

So I made another watch.. :]

Hello everybody. Sorry I have been somewhat absent for a few days, but I have been busy being lazy and drinking too much tea. Oh and going to craft fairs with that loopy sis of mine. But but but, I finally got a craft table! This means I don't have to keep crafting on wooden floors, sprawled out, resulting in a numb b-t-m. (That means bottom/backside for all you normal folk!) So, I sorted it out, all my wee drawers and shelves. This made me such a happy bunny. Oh how times have changed. I was almost single after the table was finally put up though. WHY OH WHY CAN MEN NOT READ INSTRUCTIONS!? But it is okay. I love my boyfriend again, and vice versa, bla bla, sitting in a tree.

But yes, I made another watch. This is my favourite one to date. I have never made one like this before, so it took a bit of trial and error. I love the outcome. Its so sparkly!!

As you can see I have used a silver watch face, and attached loads of swarovski crystals. I have used blue, turquoise and clear beads. Oh and sorry for using the boyfriends wrist, its all hairy and tattooed. (Eww) But it was the only wrist available!

Oh so sparkly!

Close uppppp!

His tattoos are a bit green, although I think it suits him. :P

Oh and take pity on my finger, I sliced it open with scissors. Ouchie!!

So there it is, another watch. Hope you all like it. Oh and thanks to Maddy for buying me some beautiful beads at the craft fair on Thursday, they helped make this wee purdy creation. Have a nice day everyone! :D 


  1. T this is sooooooo beautiful. Wow, I can see that this took a lot of time and fiddly hard work. Its really stunning and your lovely wrist model did a wonderful job. I can't believe Steven didn't read the instructions!!!! Mark reads and reads and rereads and by that time I have the bloody thing made! Glad you got your crafty space sorted. You'll have to take photos and share them on here. Big raspberry blows on your tummy!!! Lee xx

  2. Wowee, that's a wonderful creation - so glad you got some lovely beads! You'll have your big sis on the run if you carry on like that! Well done Tara. P.S. Is your bf's alter ego David Banner :-))

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